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    As the original thread was about NMON and not x265 I would like to add my thoughts.

    I would LOVE nmon be included in the standard distro. It is my de-facto monitoring system tool on RPi and IMX6 - I didn't use OE because of this, preferring XBian.
    However, if it could be included (either as standard or as a Kodi addon) it would be great.

    OT. No the RPi (zero, A, B, 2, or 3 cannot play x265 - please keep to the thread)

    Under 7.90.007 I connected to a SMB fileserver (OMV on RPi2).

    After upgrade to 008 the connection times out. If I tried to view servers from within Kodi it doesn't find anything.

    Downgrading to 007 and all worked fine.

    No logs or dmesg as I needed to check it wasn't the fileserver at fault and I downgraded but I can upgrade again if logs required.

    Just ran on IMX6 LE v7.90.007
    echo "Hello World"

    IMX6:~ # ./
    Hello World

    Could there be a unseen character in the script?

    If not "maybe" .008 is at fault, but I doubt it.

    Multiple evbug events in dmesg.

    I believe other evbug events were removed from this release but this is related to the game controller.

    It's a Logitech F710 used as a standard XBox using the standard "Kodi" profile.

    < *** Loads more **** >
    [ 2226.525427] evbug: Event. Dev: input5, Type: 0, Code: 0, Value: 0
    [ 2226.697409] evbug: Event. Dev: input5, Type: 1, Code: 304, Value: 0
    [ 2226.697423] evbug: Event. Dev: input5, Type: 0, Code: 0, Value: 0

    I feel this should be removed from the next release as it's difficult to deduce real messages.

    Apart from that, the game controller seems to work as expected. Just need to know what each button does on each screen.

    Also it would be useful to be able to pull up an onscreen keyboard, but that is probably Kodi related.

    Can you confirm that the dongle works elsewhere on 5Ghz?

    By all accounts, it should be possible as long as the "chip" is recognised.


    and see if the adapter is recognised.

    If so, check dmesg, to see if any error messages are associated with it.

    #dmesg|grep -i <adapter name>

    Also, use a powered hub for the adapter or use, at your own risk (As you need a dependable PSU) , the double USB power command in config.txt max_usb_current=1.

    Wifi dongles use a LOT of power ~400ma

    If still no luck, post output from lsusb, dmesg (via (Never post long messages inline)

    I've only used it on LE 7.90.003 Kodi V17 with a Logitech F710 (Similar to Xbox 360) and you just need to go to System -> System -> Input Devices --> Controllers.

    In V17, you just need to select the buttons, and select each one to map them.

    As to what each button does, is trial and error as there seems to be no documentation about that.

    See Game controllers - Official Kodi Wiki for more information.

    I'm convinced it's related to the 32/64 bit issue

    "LE stick boots fine on my AMD64 machine".

    I'm an ARM (Raspberry/Cubox) user, so not "au fait" with X86 stuff.

    In Arm stuff a lot is done in /boot/config.txt

    Apart from that, I'm at a loss - machine independent - for any additional information

    I've no idea what your hardware is, or platform but X265 is VERY cpu intensive - even on my I5 4 core.

    I've just got HEVC to run on Win10 (Celerion 4 core) with VLC but not Kodi with the same file.(So something is odd there)

    At the moment I'd suggest using something like Handbrake to decode down to x264 and your problem is solved.

    Which image are you trying to install?

    I've a feeling you're trying to use LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2

    and the P4, as far as I know is 32bit (I could be wrong)

    If I'm correct (and that is never a good thing to say on a forum) is that you're trying to run a 64bit program on a 32bit machine.

    There maybe a 32bit version of LE somewhere but I'm unaware of it.

    It's a lot safer to use UUID or LABEL instead of /dev/sda1 as sda1 "might" change if another USB drive is attached.

    "Get the UUID and LABEL info"


    @@ Load of other Stuff @@
    /dev/sda1: LABEL="NTFS-128" UUID="15E570AC5C3321DC" TYPE="ntfs" PARTUUID="000b5098-01"

    so cmdline.txt becomes.




    Your UUID and LABEL will be different.

    ** On another point, is it possible to JUST move /storage to a USB drive and just leave a symbolic link on the SD card? Most of the configuration and I/O on a working system is to that mount point, so you would have the system on the SD card and the user data on a USB drive.

    Other distros have implemented this, so it shouldn't be too hard (says, someone who has no idea how it would be done).

    However, is there any reason to keep /boot (aka Flash) as R/O especially as there are numerous articles on how to make it R/W, Would it not be just simpler to just keep it R/W on all images? and thus allow users to change details as required. Yes they could cock it up, so in a way, the solution is to allow an Add-on or an extension to LE config, to allow changes to config/cmdline from a GUI?

    A prime example is a memory split/OC/dtaoverlays etc.

    I like the idea of a "user" config.txt but I can see sooo many problems. Would a symbolic link work???? Probably not as it is too early in the boot process.

    For the moment I would put it down as nice to have.

    I've just tried to install this - and it reports an error in the botton right hand corner. Also, this is the default skin for Kodi 17, so it's possible that dependancies have not been met, or that it needs Kodi 17 to run.

    However, if you want to have a look at it running, flash a new image of LE 7.90.002 where Estuary is the default skin.