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    Read this thread and direct ordered the Tuner.

    I installed the above build, and the tuner is recognised.

    But I keep getting lot's of continuty errors and transport errors.

    Everything works oke without errors with Anysee E30 and Cinergy tuners.

    All on cable.

    Is there anything I can adjust to get rid of these errors?

    Since I upgraded to LibreELEC v7.90.010 generic I got the next error messages at startup:

    [Firmware Bug] : CPU0: APIC id mismatch. Firmware: 10 CPUID: 0
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU0: Using firmware package id 1 instead of 0
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU1: APIC id mismatch. Firmware: 11 CPUID: 1
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU1: Using firmware package id 1 instead of 0
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU2: APIC id mismatch. Firmware: 12 CPUID: 2
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU2: Using firmware package id 1 instead of 0
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU3: APIC id mismatch. Firmware: 13 CPUID:3
    [Firmware Bug] : CPU3: Using firmware package id 1 instead of 0

    And after that Kodi starts normal.

    I'm running with radeon.dpm=0 added to the APPEND BOOT lines of syslinux.cfg to avoid bootloop.

    MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 motherboard
    AMD A series A8-5600K processor

    Any help?


    Great, thanks Milhouse, you saved my pc from the schredder.
    Edited syslinux.cfg and added radeon.dpm=0 to all of the 3 options.
    Installed, and then booted the live version.
    Couldn't find syslinux.cfg but found extlinux.cfg in system. Edited that file and now it boots oke into Kodi.
    Updated with your latest build and that worked oke now.

    Thank you!

    I posted this on the Kodi forum yesterday but I think this is a better place:

    Is support for MSI FM2 AMD boards with AMD A series A8-5600K processor dropped in these builds and those of Libreelec in general?
    Trying to update from OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.3 to Libreelec by usb fresh install, but all of the builds start booting and after the prompt; boot: the pc restarts itself.
    When I do the same with the older OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.3 created usb stick the first boot process continues and I'm able to install it.
    When I drop your build in the update folder and reboot the update process completes but after the initiated reboot the pc keeps looping from the "syslinux 6.0.3 ..." and then reboots again.

    See also this post by someone with the same hardware:

    Isurak advised to:
    Try doing a clean install of 7.90.007 and report back.

    These are the results:
    I created an usb stick with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 with version 7.90.007 but the result is the same:
    The pc boots from the stick until the prompt: boot, it looks like it want to start the install for a few seconds (a few blank lines are added) and then the pc reboots.
    Get no error message or nothing,
    Created an usb stick with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 and manually selecting OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.3.img.Booted the pc from it, and the process of installing continues and I can install it oke.
    Tryed win32DiskImager with the same results.
    Tryed another usb stick with the same results.
    Reseted all bios settings to default with legacy boot enabled but that doesn't help either..

    MSI FM2-A7-A75IA-E35 motherboard
    AMD A series A8-5600K processor
    8Gb Corsair Vengance ram
    Kingston SSDNow V300 ssd
    750GB WD black hdd
    Blueray/DVD drive
    (should be a nice HTCP :cool: )

    Edit: Usb stick with 7.90.007 works oke on Lenovo with Core i5.
    Managed to get a hold of: OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.95.2.img and OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.95.3.img.

    OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.95.2.img boots and installes oke.
    OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.95.3.img keeps rebooting

    So problem started somewhere inbetween these builds.
    Tested UEFI boot with the same results.

    I fresh installed LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.1 with Generic-tvheadend42-4.1-2116 and I run into a problem with my usb Silicon Labs Si2168 : DVB-C tuner.
    It's recognised by TVheadend oke, but when I use it I get loads of errors like this when tuning to a channel:

    2016-06-10 22:29:44.786 cat: 570.75MHz in ziggo: invalid checksum (len 42, errors 78)
    2016-06-10 22:29:44.908 TS: ziggo/570.75MHz/NPO 2 HD: TELETEXT @ #2401 Corrupted PES header (errors 6)
    2016-06-10 22:29:44.936 TS: ziggo/570.75MHz/NPO 2 HD Transport error indicator (total 235)
    2016-06-10 22:29:45.004 parser: transport stream H264, DTS discontinuity. DTS = 11520000, last = 11521800
    2016-06-10 22:29:45.030 parser: transport stream H264, DTS discontinuity. DTS = -961582131, last = 11520000
    2016-06-10 22:29:45.057 parser: transport stream H264, DTS discontinuity. DTS = 11523600, last = -961582131
    etc, etc

    When I plug in my Sundtek dvb-c tuner and enable it directly starts to work without any errors.

    When I use the Silicon Labs Si2168 DVB-C tuner with my previous install of Openelec 6.0.3 and TVHeadend 4.1 on the same machine they work oke.

    Anyone any suggestions to make it work? Is this a driver issue?

    Edit: same problem with TVHeadend 4.0.9 from Libreelec repo.

    Thanks in advance!