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    OK I ran that and the PC rebooted but hasn't fixed it unfortunately. I checked in putty to see if the process had completed by trying to run it again , got message system has been modified , please run delete if you wish to modify again, so it must have completed. Thanks for your input , I think for my streaming with kodi and LibreELEC , the solution will be to sell the PC and buy one of those s905x4 boxes , a lot less hassle . The reason i went for a PC was the better ram , but I have since found that the processor on this box doesn't support HDR so android box will be better I think. cheers again.

    Running libreELEC on Beelink U59 PC via usb. If I turn the TV off with the TV remote , then turn back on , I have a black screen and eventually the TV syas no signal. PC is still powered up but seems there is nothing going thru the hdmi ? I have to power off /on the PC to reboot kodi.

    Have read through various threads on both here and kodi forum and most of the advice is pointing to , settings-input-peripherals , CEC adaptor.

    When open the peripherals page in kodi , it's blank. Tried this also on a mac with default kodi and its the same ?

    Are there no CEC options anymore ?

    Damn it my bad title should say Black Screen.

    I have an N6005 device - pretty much the same thing but clocked a little higher and it works fine on Generic LE11 Kodi 20 (Nexus) - even HDR.

    There were a lot of updates to the kernel for Jasper Lake series iGPU happening during the Kodi 19 (Matrix) development cycle.

    Try the Generic-legacy version if you want to stay with LE10/Kodi19 (that worked fine from the start, only without HDR functionality)

    That worked for me thanks very much.

    Hi , purchased this device with the intention of booting kodi from usb ( LibreELEC ) " Failed to start xorg; is your gpu supported? " error on boot. I used the generic LibreELEC 10 kodi 19.5 version. Could someone confirm whether this processor is supported or not please. I will just sell the PC and do the same with an android box if neccessary.


    Hi , am using Leia 18.9 , because I read that SSH isn't working in Matrix ?

    Am trying SSH into kodi from a mac , ( booting kodi from a usb drive on PC ).

    When connect to server , the list that pops up includes userdata folder amongst others , but no addons folder , I need to access the addons folder so that I can add my own skin, any help would be appreciated thankyou.

    I have MeCool BB2 pro ( 3gb ram running android 6.1), I keep seeing references on this thread to the "MeCool K11 pro " are they the same or at least similar boxes ?, I tried flashing it with libreelec today ( I have flashed boxes and Rpi's many times over the years ) , but it didn't appear to read anything on the SD card , am hoping it was the card at fault , before i go out and buy another card can someone please confirm that this box is flashable using the cocktail stick method ?

    I spotted a thread about this "reboot to libreelec " app on the playstore but that wouldn't work either. I don't want dual boot its purely for kodi.

    i have been using a pi3 with openelec previously and have overclocked it as follows.
    arm_freq 1000
    core_freq 500
    adram_freq 500
    over_voltage 2
    can i coninue to do this with libreelec ?