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    balbes150 I quickly tested 20190324 with system display set at 3840 x 2160

    With live DVB-T TV streams on KVIM2 Pro "circle" is not a visible in centre of screen anymore.

    Notice thin Purple line running fully across bottom of video during playback.

    Sometimes noticed Video (primary) plane would not allow OSD (secondary) plane to be viewed, after stopping playback of video manually.

    (Requiring login remotely via ssh, to stop/start kodi) chewit thank you for explantion about support for two video output planes

    Also managed to get full crash and back to libreelec then kodi reboot kodi crashlog

    Update image 20190322

    For those who have 4K TV. Please check this LE option. I am interested in the operation of the interface in 4K mode.

    Using LG 4K monitor, HDMI connected to KVIM2 Pro with image 20190322. Set System Display resolution in settings to 3840 x 2160 then rebooted to be sure settings saved etc. GUI confirms settings saved after reboot and as expected? GUI still looks like its output to display at 1920 x 1080, with Kodi Interface when moving around appearing to behave exactly same as when GUI display settings stored at 1920 x 1080

    Installed and quickly tested latest 20190316 on VIM2 Pro, Results similar to earlier alpha releases, from typical usage perspective i.e. :-

    • LAN connection OK, No Wi-Fi
    • Live DVBT TV over local network using TVheadend Client, h264, 1920x1080 plays OK. (blue wait icon faint in centre of display)
    • Live TV via TVCatchup & iPlayer WWW streaming apps, immediate or after few seconds Video Freeze with Audio continuing. (blue wait icon faint in centre of display)
    • Playback of 4K files from local video folder. LG Chess 4K Demo completely lockups LibreELEC, Sony Bravia OLED 4K Demo Plays well
    • Known typical total Kodi graphics crash after short period of time (less than 30 mins)

    Fully appreciate not an early user release, but as mentioned previously can provide kodi logs/debug logs, when user feedback on these developing and improving builds becomes more useful.

    Update LE 20190304 images.

    Installed latest update then used LibreELEC backup option to re-install my user environment and addons from a recent Backup.

    Don't know if its related (but message appear after first re-boot from installing and completing back-up intialisation) now upon full restarts of KVIM2, I get following Failed Message before LibreELEC appears to boot into OS and operate fine?

    VIM2 lite WiFi should be able to work with the right combination of firmware/nvram files but VIM2 max was still lacking mainline driver support last time I looked; although that was last summer .. I'll get around to it eventually.

    For overall info be aware (according to Khadas) that an updated v1.4 VIM2 Pro and MAX with "in particular" update Wifi module, will soon be available.

    • VIM2 v1.4 (Pro & Max) AP6398S Wi-Fi module.
    • Upgraded Wi-Fi module provides VIM2 v1.4 with bluetooth 5.0 vs v1.2 bluetooth 4.2.
    • VIM2 v1.4 (Basic) still original AP6356S Wi-Fi module.
    • Existing VIM2 v1.2 (Pro & Max) has AP6359SA Wi-Fi module. (My current device)

    See further detailed Khadas information on changes between VIM2 V1.2 & V1.4 pdf here

    Thanks for information on key areas of change/update to build 20190225

    To clarify my second point, I installed build 20190227 this evening. (You removed 20190225 build and replaced with 20190227?)

    1st I attempted to install tar file of 20190227 build into update folder of my VIM2 whilst it was up and running on my network (20190211 build)

    Then rebooted VIM2 to in theory allow it to perform a restart and automatic install of 20190227 over existing 20190211.

    As previously mentioned "just for general information" this method of updating to latest build onto SD appears not work. No problem at all, just providing feedback as this method of updating works for other frequent alpha/beta builds.

    In order to get to my previous LibreELEC set-up with few addons installed/configured etc, I made use of available and very good LibreELEC backup option in LibreELEC settings, to create a back-up before installing your latest build (clean img.gz build onto wiped SD using "LibreELEC USB-SD Creator" ) then used backup restore; to get back to my previous addon setup, with your latest build.

    Note: Above method of works well, avoiding a manual setup of addons I require after every update to your latest build ;)

    New image 20190225

    Would it be possible/practical to advise what has been added/modified between each of your builds with expected improvements?

    For example ref my previous post, clean installed 20190221_test_dvb on SD and quickly tested on KVIM2 Pro. I personally noted following known issues :-

    • No Wifi (LAN OK)
    • Live DVB-T via TVheadend and Streamed Live TV, Video freezes with minute or two, Audio continues. (Able to drop back to GUI with no problems etc)
    • Did not test long enough to invoke/notice Graphics Crash or perhaps crash is less frequent now?

    Thanks for working on and confirming new builds are available :cool:

    PS Is it possible to download latest tar into LibreELEC update folder and update then re-boot to update, without need to destroy previous build on SD with user settings saved etc (know I can create a back-up if not)

    New image ver 20190211

    Curiosity tested 20190211 on Vim2 Pro and have following observations/feedback. (Most if not all I appreciate will be known to balbes150/developers)

    Unable to install over previous existing "running" balbes150 libreelec build on an SD. (Placing tar into update folder then rebooting Vim2 does not appear to work?)

    Installing on same SD via PC as a new clean image, then booting Vim2 works absloutely Fine. (i.e. Run from SD card with no altered files, using Upgrade Mode Press and hold power - Short Press Reset - Count to 10 - release power)

    WiFi - currently not working for Vim2 (WiFi Drivers for 4.X kernel, not available?)

    Build works well with wired connection, moving around GUI installing a few addons then testing Live video streaming before graphics crash kicks in.

    Graphics display does not show horizontal glitches in Kodi GUI as with earlier builds. (ongoing improvements to PANFROST open source driver for Mali GPU?)

    Graphics crashes occur for me after reasonably short period of playback of live tv channel, always with almost vertical to 45 degree lines up from bottom left corner of 4K Monitor.

    Can provide kodi log, debug log but imagine not so useful at this early stage?

    Recently purchased Khadas Vim2 Pro 1st for its ability to run Android (Necessary for ensuring sane continous access to all existing UK TV Catchup Apps) and 2nd (really 1st) to explore latest develpment activities towards a fully enabled version of latest Libreelec for a S912 device to run off SD or eMMC.

    Hedged a bet on S912 becoming Libreelec supported device post offical release of Leia, from recent posts in this thread from chewitt.

    Reason for my logic, is whilst I love using Kodi/Libreelec daily, I dont currenly believe suppport for all UK TV Catchup Add-ons will gain traction in same way as apps are developed for Andriod or IOS devices. (Hoping I am wrong on this point, moving forward post Leia release)

    Can't wait to commence/support via user testing a nightly version of Libreelec on Khadas Vim 2 Pro ;)