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    Well it was worth a try. Just kidding. I didn't expect you to write an addon just for me. Would be nice but I didn't expect that. However, I suspect that there are other people who would like something similar.

    I am just trying to follow the advice to security experts and not run more code than I need to do the job. I would appreciate your pointing out the modules from your addon that are necessary to obtain the minimum function that I require. I am using the systemd method suggested by LibreELEC, but this is an opportunity for me to learn something new. If you could point me in the right direction, I will try to expand my horizons.


    Hi Zomboided,
    Thanks for your wonderful addon. It was quite useful during the Rio Olympics last year, and I suspect it will be quite useful again this year for world championships.

    Most of the media a consume sits on a NAS here so i don't really use an external vpn service for that. However, when I am away from home I connect to my router to stream media, and for that I connect to the vpn server in my router. As it is now I just drop the .ovpn and pass.txt file in the config folder and I am off.

    VPN Manager is a bit much for such a simple requirement.

    Can you make a lite version of this addon, geared at a single connection, where the user enters the location of the config files and ip address. Or could you suggest the files from your addon that would be needed for such a setup. I took a look at the files in the addon folder and many of them appear to be necessary only for the management of multiple providers or multiple locations.

    I am thinking of a scenario similar to what existed in the openelec settings when connman was used to manage the vpn.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.