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    does anyone know, how to modify the evmap file to make use of the button of the "Voice Command" button of the Fire TV remote which are now shipping? Everything works fine, just this one button is unused.

    Just to be sure:

    Of course i'm not talking about a Fire TV setup but about using the remote as a bluetooth remote paired with a LibreELEC device.


    Thanks for the info. Makes sense. "End users" which use the officially downloadable 7.90.005 should have a matching zip in the repo.

    As far as i can see there actually is nothing to be sorted out (?) As soon as the same pvr.hts 48b2e26 (which should be the state of the the repo zip) is freshly build against latest kodi git master instead of an too old state, the problem disappears the same way the inputstream.mpd crashing issues disappeared some weeks ago when there were changes regarding inputstream in the kodi core which caused the need for the inputstream.mpd addon to be rebuild (also without changing the addon version number itself).

    So let's just hope most of the people self building LE git master just include pvr.hts right into their builds (as you do, too) and besides that let's wait for 7.90.006 to update the repo zip. :- )


    This info seems to be relevant for your latest LE8 git changes.

    recently you changed to KODI git 6e9d6fb (which is only 2 days old - so quite up to date)

    "pvr.hts 3.4.7 zip" in the LE-8.0 repo has been built end of August (2016-08-31), so quite some time before the recent pvr changes (which were ~10 days ago)

    The file from the repo works in basic terms, but seems to cause these annoying crashes in some situations - most likely because it has not been built against the newer KODI git.
    Of course - the problem is not present in your build, because pvr.hts is freshly built and included...

    Makes sense? My testing suggests so - but a confirmation would be great. Still learning : - )

    If confirmed, i'd be be great if you could ping someone who typically updates/rebuilds the pvr.hts repo zip. Thank you!

    Hey there,

    for at least some days now i notice crashes with my clean LE8 git master builds (+xbmc git master).

    I created a trac ticket - maybe anyone has a hint to find out if it's really a KODI or a LE, pvr.hts or even a TVH issue.

    #16909 (Crashes (probably) while doing background EPG updates (tvheadend pvr.hts)) – Kodi - TRAC

    Since mit git skills regarding reverting larger PRs are limited, i couldn't revert [Estuary][PVR] PVR home screen widgets: Misc fixes and improvements by ksooo · Pull Request #10438 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub to see if it's really an issue with this PR.

    Any hint/help/information welcome.

    Thanks very much.

    Hey there,

    since LE git master is updated to linux 4.7.4 (no problems up to 4.7.3), compiling a Generic build leads to this:
    (Of course, i did make clean/distclean before, so no leftovers)

    What to do? If i confirm, there a much more lines asking to choose "[N/m/y/?] (NEW)"

    Thanks! : - )

    Yesterday i switched my "old" custom build from

    - kernel 4.4.13
    - lirc reverted @ 0.9.0

    to latest nightliy with:

    - kernel 4.7 + autorepeat-kernel-commit-revert-patch
    - lirc 0.9.4

    - No problems so far
    - Auto-repeat works on both Intel Haswell NUC and Desktop
    - Reaction/processing times of IR button presses feel slightly different then before - it may be only a few ms. If i had to say something i'd guess it's some barely noticeable ms faster in reacting to IR presses. But maybe thats a placebo effect.

    Just ordered some extra usb 3.0 sticks to be more flexible testing multiple clean installs without affecting my live-systems. (which work too good atm) Happy to provide logs then, if still needed.

    If i read correctly in you 17x build thread, Milhouse, you tried out some (linux kernel) fixes/patches with 4.6 and 4.7 kernel, which had some success, but are reverted for now? Am i right that means narrowing down the issue makes slight progress? :) For now i'm still using kernel 4.4.13 with KODI 17 which works identical to kernel 4.4.7 as you would expect.

    Any news on this? Would still be interesting to know if there are indications that kernel 4.7 may be fixing the problem. Thanks :)

    Side question:
    While getting a little more into compiling stuff, i mainly wonder why the few FernetMenta VideoPlayer patches (which are included in your "Millhouse build")
    Comparing xbmc:9248a82331e5311...FernetMenta:585587fc07bba2a · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
    are still not included in KODI git master. Is there a reason for that? I mean: Regular way seems to be: test, PR, merge with git master?

    Thanks. Almost there!

    cmake patch for filename change to kodiConfig.cmake makes sense - if it's not applied there's obviously an error that the old filename could not be found.

    That being said, while applying the patch, the build then gives this (strange) error:

    (Don't wonder about the KODI version, i just replaced the files inside the sources/kodi/ compressed file like i did back in OE-days...)