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    I'd like to add that I ran irw and pressing the button I programmed doesn't bring anything up


    I have a NUC with LibreElec installed. I tried setting up my remote (Harmony 650) to be able to control Kodi.
    As a device, i added a Microsoft Media Center SE (not 100% of the name, not home right now, but its pretty close to that)

    Everything works! Except i'm trying to add the AudioNextLanguage on my display LCD buttons. In the Harmony software, I picked CTRL+A. I then made sure that it's what i'm using in the keyboard.xml file in /storage/.kodi/userdata/.
    I then reprogrammed (synced) my remote.

    The thing is... the button doesn't work!

    I know my keyboard.xml is OK because hitting CTRL+A works with a USB keyboard... so i know it's not that.

    Any idea if those shortcuts that you can program to the remote buttons in the harmony software work? Do they all work, or only a few of them are compatible with the NUC? If so, which should i pick to program on my remote?

    I'd also love to program PgUp and PgDown on the up down arrows that are between Info, Exit, Guide and Menu...

    Any help welcomed, thanks!

    Alright, finally got to see it again and was able to keep it going enough to get debug logging :

    Here is a screenshot of the menu i was talking about : - Free Image Hosting

    Everytime the menu pops up, i see the line :
    DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogContextMenu.xml) ------
    I use the back key to go back. A reboot fixes it for a while but then it seems to come back by itself.

    "All of a sudden" is kinda strange to begin with. Why not start with giving us a debug-enabled kodi.log file? And a screenshot of that 'ghost menu' would be nice. I can't remember the LE team putting that one in.

    It's the context menu you get on certain items. I call it "ghost" because it appears without any keypress from myself, nor network input of any kind.

    I'll take a pic and look into the log file once i wake up properly :)
    And of course, now that I try to replicate the issue to capture it on video and in the log... it doesn't point it's nose... I'll try to catch it as soon as I see it and i'll come post back once I get it.... Although i'd rather hope it stopped for good cause it's a pain.


    Here is what happened :

    I had a Rpi2 + FLIRC + Logitech Remote with XBMC profile. I was using openelec. I moved to libreelec.

    THEN a while later i got a NUC.

    I backed up my library, and restored it on the NUC, on a clean libreelec install, and moved my FLIRC to it. (Disabled the IR in NUC bios)

    Everything was fine and dandy for a while.

    All of a sudden, i started getting a "ghost" context menu press. If the selected item has a context menu available, if i leave it there for a while (couple of seconds), the context menu appears all by itself. I'm scrolling down my list of file and all of a sudden i get the menu appear out of the blue.

    My troubleshooting steps (after each, i highlighted a video file that could have a context menu to popup) :

    • Took out the Flirc, the context menu still appears
    • Double checked that the IR is disabled in bios, it was off
    • removed the usb dongle for my wireless keyboard + mouse, context menu still appears
    • disabled all control options, via web interfaces, upnp, etc... still have a problem
    • disconnected it from LAN (wifi was disabled too), still going on...

    The only thing that fixed it : install clean. No backup restoration, rescanned all my libraries. No more problem!
    I've been adding my addons one by one, separately, to see if one enabled that "feature" but so far so good! And then, more than a week after touching my configs and installing my last few addons / skin.... that damn ghost context menu popup appeared again...

    I don't know what to do or check to fix this anymore, anybody knows what to do?

    Go to chrome://settings

    Scroll to the bottom and select "Show advanced settings..."

    Then untick “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”

    Aahh thank you, will try it when i get home. Probably one addon was leaving it running in the background, and disabling most of them fixed my problem... I'd rather keep most addons going and fixing the issue. Thanks again!

    Well it looks like i fixed it... I didnt set it up until last night, after getting a wireless keyboard with trackpad. I logged into my google account, sycned my extensions etc...

    Figured one of them might have been the culprit, so i removed most of them except Lastpass.

    After closing it, I was able to open/close multiple times and could not reproduce the problem.

    I dont have the exact list of addons that I removed but most of them were : Adblock plus, noscript, videodownloader, wikiwand, cx mouse gestures.

    I recently upgraded from a Rpi2 to a NUC. That was on OpenElec.

    Then this past week i've switched from OpenElec to LibreELEC (latest stable version).

    I installed Chromium addon. It worked fine, but i noticed that it only starts once. After that, when I try to start it, it won't. I have to reboot in order to use it again.

    Also i loose sound once i've used Chromium. It works in Chromium, but when i get out, i don't have the skin sounds anymore. Sometimes starting a movie fixes it, but not always. I have to go into the audio settings to select another setting for output and back to HDMI, then i get my sounds back.

    Any ideas?