HOW DO I... Copy a configuration of one RPI install to another one

  • Hi folks, I'm struggling with a new raspberry pi install at home. The scenario is as follows:

    We currently have a Windows 8 PC backend/media store on a domain network which, as a stand alone works wonderfully.

    We then have satellite RPI3s in various rooms around the house which act as clients to the ServerWMC etc. Now I have one of these which works wonderfully, and plays LiveTV wonderfully, and has all the settings of the various media stores wonderfully, has RetroPlayer setup wonderfully.

    What I want to do is to clone this system for my other son so he can have it in his room, but I don't want to have to go through the many hours of setup that I had to go through to get it working again. How can I get it up and running. I tried cloning the memory card, but that just didn't boot. Is there a Backup routine that backs up all the setting/folders etc that I can load a core LibreElec setup onto new RPI, and then just restore the settings?

    Many thanks


  • Use the backup/Restore feature in the LE settings addon.

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