LibreELEC on minix neo z83-4

  • Hello,

    I love using LibreELEC on my raspberry, but I would like to change material.

    Is LibreELEC compatible with MINIX NEO Z83-4?

    MINIX NEO Z83-4: NEO Z83-4 | Minix

    Thank you for your answers.

  • Maybe you can install the Windows version of Kodi. As it runs Windows 10.

    Using : Intel NUC6CAYS - 8GB Ram - 32GB SSD - LibreElec 8.2.0

  • The Generic image should run on those boxes. The one caveat is that some BayTrail/CherryTrail devices require a 32-bit EFI bootloader and since ours is 64-bit the normal installer USB fails to boot. There is an image here Mobile File that someone created with a different 32-bit bootloader (GRUB probably). If our installer doesn't work, use the alternative one to make the initial install, then update to the latest releases afterwards. The bootloader is only installed once, updates don't change it once installed.

  • i have used the z83-4 for years with 8.x and it is still working great on 8.2.5

    but after upgrading to 9.2.x it boots up but i dont get any video output

    as mentioned here Minix Z83 i got the same errors in my logs

    ERROR: CActiveAESink::OpenSink - no sink was returned

    ERROR: ActiveAE::InitSink - returned error

    ERROR: CXRandR::SetMode: asked to change resolution for non existing output: No Output mode:

    should the Cherry Trail atoms still work with 9.x? any idea whats wrong here? ty