Just to say thanks

  • Heya,

    I was on OpenElec a long time ago, and just kept running into problems that I couldn't resolve and frankly didn't feel much like there was much interest in helping because I was using an old machine from 2008. I ended up switching over to Kodibuntu, which mostly worked OK except for a ridiculous amount of popping that i could never get worked out.

    I just installed LibreElec on the same machine, and everything went so smoothly that I was up and running in only a couple of hours. Still have the occasional pop, but its definitely livable and everything went so smoothly that I just had to say thanks. I am usually one of those guys getting pretty upset over OpenSource software not working like I expect, so I was really happy to see that this move to LIbreElec, both for the developers and for myself, seems to have been in the best interest of everyone.

    So, thanks!

  • I just came to this forum with the intention of posting a similar Thank You to the developers. I hope it's OK add to a second.

    This morning I was thinking about how often I use LibreElec and how it has quickly become something upon which my family depends. We really appreciate the time and effort of those who develop and maintain this project. And the community that surrounds the project seems so kind, friendly and helpful. I wish that more of life was like this. It's why I try to support the project with donations whenever I have some spare cash. Which I'm going to do right now.