Change SMB Permissions on library items without rescanning to library

  • Hi,

    I've just upgraded my Libreelec to the 8.1.0 Beta and now I cannot access files within my library.

    I used to use a username with a blank password to access the SMB shares on my QNAP but that is no longer supported so I created a new account with a password.

    I had to update my sources.xml file to change the smb paths from <path pathversion="1">smb://[email protected]/TVShows/</path> to

    <path pathversion="1">smb://username:[email protected]/TVShows/</path>.

    Now if I browse through the source in the media settings section I can access and play files, however I cannot play them from library view unless I rescan the items.

    I turned on the debug logging (log attached) and it looks like I get a permissions error when trying to view the old library items as it's still trying to authenticate with the [email protected] etc. rather than the username:[email protected] etc.

    Is there any way to update these library items without needing to rescan and reconfigure my entire library?



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  • Hi,

    You could try with 'path substitution ' in advancedsettings.xml :

    Path substitution - Official Kodi Wiki

    As an example here is mine for switching from samba to NFS (which is something you could consider too) :






  • So just to make sure I understand, that doesn't actually fix the issue per se, rather it provides a workaround for kodi?

  • Thanks, I'll give that a go with the MySQL tomorrow. :)

    Not really confident doing backup and restores though, I've always noticed little oddities when doing it with my Kodi db.

  • I will try first with the path substitution for some days... it doesn't change anything on your db, it's simple and totally revertable at any time ;)

    I've been using it for so long that I never even considered changing the sources path.

  • You shouldn't change the path for the source to add passwords....leave source as is and passwords in passwords.xml in userdata



    <from pathversion="1">smb://</from>

    <to pathversion="1">smb://username:[email protected]/TVShows/</to>



  • If you want kodi to create the passwords.xml on it's own go to settings---services---smb settings and change samba setting from "none" to "smb1"

    Restart...Then go to file manager add source and browse to any location of the new user account you created..give it a name and save...Go back to smb settings on kodi and change back to none and restart go back to file manager and try to access your new source...kodi will ask for username and password....input them and tick "save for this path"...that's you should have the passwords.xml in userdata