BT audio sync workaround

  • I'm not sure if this is a bug report or an observation, but I'd very much like to know why it's happening and if there's anything I can do to improve the situation.

    [BTW, I'm using the latest LE with Wetek Play2 & Core.]

    My audio output is set to Pulse. I listen almost exclusively via a pair of BT headphones. After powering on my box I connect the headphones via the LE settings add-on. 80% of the time the playback will have an audio lag of a second or so. The 20% perfectly synced playback can't be relied upon for more than 30 mins - at some point the audio stream will be interrupted by an audible glitch which introduces the aforementioned audio lag.

    However, there is a workaround with which I can guarantee the BT audio will always be perfectly synced and infinitely reliable.

    1. Connect the headphones via the LE settings add-on.

    2. Switch the audio stream to HDMI.

    3. Play a few seconds of video with the audio streamed through the TV.

    4. Stop the playback.

    5. Switch the audio stream back to Pulse - I can hear the Pulse audio reconnect to the headphones.

    6. Return to my library and play a video. The audio now 100% synced and undisturbed.

    Why is this happening? And is there an easier and less cumbersome means of obtaining a reliable BT audio stream?

    Thanks for your time.


  • It was a pleasant surprise for me too having a Bluetooth 4.0 on board of WP2, nicely working with my JBL Everest 100 BT-headphones. Thanks to LE developers!

    You'd better check AudioProfiles add-on for one-button output switching.

    The increasing delay is a known issue to be fixed in upcoming LE releases..

    Bumping PulseAudio to 10.0

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  • Actually, I still have a drift in my BT headphones on packet loss, f/w 8.2.3.

    Any progress here?

    My current workaround is switching to receiver (or non-connected ALSA) and back to BT using “Audio Profiles” add-on hot key (a script below)

    switching BT-headphones off and on.

    Which I don’t like doing every time I significantly move my head during playback.

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  • UPD: LibreELEC 9.0/Kodi Leia rocks!

    Bluetooth lip sync is in the past now. Kodi v18 compensates BT-connection losses instantly.

    No more increasing delays!

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  • I've been putting off the bother of updating to 9.0 but I'll definitely pull my finger out now. Thanks for the good news.

  • Still impressed how LE 9.0’s PulseAudio skips lost frames and rapidly syncs audio back)

    A small disappointment:

    Kodi “Mute” key doesn’t work for headphones :(

    Could have been useful during the ads.

    P.S. Confused , better tick the thread as “Resolved”.

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  • Sorry to report that it isn't resolved for me.

    I've only just updated to LE9. I've been postponing until Kodi 18 has support for Hue lights. Which it now does with this add-on.

    I still have LE8 on my Wetek Play 2 NAND. LE9 is on the SD card. With both LE8 or LE9 I find that with video playback the BT headphone connection glitches everytime after 20 seconds or so. Post-glitch the audio is at least 1-2 seconds out of sync.

    As my BT headphones are perfect with every other connection, and this is resolved for others with LE9, I was wondering if this is just an issue with the Wetek box. Has anyone encountered this problem with the RPI4, Vim and other SBC with integrated bluetooth?

  • I has the same audio glitches/async/drop offs on my RPi3 with LibreElec 18. I disabled the internal Bluetooth chip and using a modern USB Bluetooth v5 stick. Since no more problems with audio!