Remote not working

  • Hello,

    I have an original modded XBOX IR dongle (connected via USB port on my RPi2) and I use a OneForAll URC7960 universal remote (I replicated the XBOX remote signal on the universal one). Everything has worked fine since some years... until some days ago.
    The problem happened after I plugged a USB keyboard (not the first time I did so, anyway).

    I've been searching on the net and messing around with Lirc for some days. It has been working again for a day but now nothing works and I can't figure out why.
    Can anyone help me?

    Here are my config files (in the file, otherwise the post is too long):



    And here is a debug log:


    Thanks in advance!

  • The xbox receiver isn't detected by the system at all - the only usb devices listed in dmesg are RPi's ethernet adapter (smsc95xx) and your chicony keyboard.

    Check again without the keyboard, or adding an active powered USB hub in between.

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  • It didn't work without the keyboard... nor with the powered usb hub.
    Maybe the ir dongle is simply dead.
    I will have to search in my basement, maybe I have another one which I can mod.
    I'll revive this post in the next days if it doesn't work.

    Thank you for your help.

  • BTW: It's better to build a simple GPIO IR receiver (eg using a TSOP34138) which you can then use with the "gpio-ir" overlay.

    LibreELEC 9.0 will ship without the lirc_xbox driver (it's already removed from current Milhouse builds).

    Kernel is moving away from the old lirc drivers to the newer rc-core drivers (with in-kernel decoding support, you don't need userspace lirc for remotes). The lirc_xbox never made it into the upstream kernel, it was only added to OpenELEC (and kept in LibreELEC), and due to the ongoing changes in the kernel we can no longer support it. OpenELEC already removed it, and now we have to do the same as well.

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  • All right, it is quite easy to connect those three wires to the gpio pins.

    But then, how should I configure the remote?
    I usually follow some tutorials as I am not familiar with coding... I am just an enthusiatic user :-)

    I have found a post you wrote here but I must admit that I don't really understand every step.

  • That post you mentioned is the right start. Follow the steps outlined there, and if something's not quite clear just ask.

    I'm currently putting a guide together which will be posted on the wiki, every feedback from you users is helpful to me.

    For me as a dev who's into that stuff it's the other way round, too many things are obvious to me and I might forget mentioning them. Knowing about these things and what's not really obvious to you will help me creating the guide.

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  • Thank you Hias for your support!
    I'll do that in a few days as I have a lot of other things to do until the end of the week.

    So long,

  • I just switched from openelec to libreelec because my xbox dvd remote was no longer working.

    So in the next release of libreelec this lirc_xbox_driver will be completely removed?

    what about this remote? will it be unusable at all with the new kernel?

    I tried to launch the ir-keytable when I was on openelec but it didn't found any input device...

  • We are only removing the driver for the old xbox USB IR receiver. You'll still be able to use the remote with another IR receiver that's compatible with it - eg the universal GPIO receiver on RPi or most built-in IR receivers eg on Intel NUCs.

    lirc_xbox doesn't support configuration via ir-keytable as it is an old lirc-only device driver.

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