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    I have searched through the wiki and the forums to find a list of supported GPUs. I was not successful. I would like to build a Libreelec htpc around a RX 550 or 1050 GPU, but I can not find a list of supported hardware. I would appreciate it if someone could set me in the right direction.

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    I'm not sure what your entire "use-case" is with your HTPC: videos only or games as well?

    The supported GPU list for Intel htpc boxes is a bit unsure now on a long-term prognosis.

    From what I know:

    • Intel have now a pretty small Linux department as far as Linux graphics development is concerned. Support for Linux has it flaws.
    • Nvidia is to abandon VDPAU support, and its successor is not yet known. (the GT1030 is a cheaper HTPC option for viewing only, but Nvidia Linux still only supports upto 8-bit video. Windows does 10-bit.)
    • AMD's latest videocards are scarcely available so developing/testing is a big mountain to climb.

    More and more Android-like boxes get good video solutions. Nvidia Shield TV is a good overall choice.

    More details can be found here.

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    Stick with Intel graphics if you just want a good HTPC. Or you can use a rpi3 if you want a good HTPC.

    If you want to play games and other things you will need amd or nvidia however your HTPC experience will suffer.