tvh2kodi addon - configure tvheadend from kodi interface

  • Thank you - those looks as I suspected, which is good.

    Since there are multiple configurations for DVB-S, I'll need to make sure I adjust/setup for each of those. That will take a little longer - but I'll likely send you a test for your setup before I work on the rest of the DVB-S configurations.

    Thanks again!

  • I use to scan and edit muxes by webif before, now try few time and got error, which kind of log required ?

  • I think my message is not clear for you, I am using tvheadend from web sucessfully, but, now want your addon and do job without pc, so, need guide line, as I try it says tvheadend stop

  • If it says tvheadend stop - it means it can't access the tvheadend api.

    Please check the tvheadend ip address/port in the tvh2kodi addon settings as well as the username/password in those settings if you use one for tvheadend.

    Also - check if you have the tvh pvr client enabled - the tvh2kodi addon attempts to get the tvh ip adress from that addon.

  • OK - I have a test version ready to go with DVB-S support for Universal LNB, 2-port Switch and 4-port Switch. I haven't added the support for Unicable 1/2 Switch or Advanced configurations yet.

    I'm sure there are likely to be errors - but since I have no way to test DVB-S setups, I will need feedback from users with a DVB-S adapter with one of the above configurations. belaid38 - this should be the start of the changes you've asked for. I still need to add the Conditional Access function - but I wanted to get the DVB-S stuff working first.

    If you get an error - please provide the kodi.log file for me as that will contain the error information I need. Then I will supply an updated file to test.

    If there are questions or other needed functions, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Rizwan - yes this is meant for clean installs (currently you need to install from zip - I will add to LE repo when completed)

    belaid38 - thank you - I had an incorrect line reference for the LNB uuid...try this one:


  • belaid38 Thanks - needs to see the log as it contains the line error information. Or just copy/paste the last part of the log that contains something like this: