Hide librarycontent from disks which are not associated

  • Hi,

    recently i got an Odroid C2 and installed LibreELEC on it.

    My problem is, that i use different harddisks and not all are associated to my Odroid C2 / Kodi. Thats why a lot of Content is not starting.

    Is there a possibilty to hide content from library from disks, which are not associated?

    Actually i use some smartplaylists and it is OK but not the best and easiest way.

    Is there somewhere an option for hiding content or does somebody know an addon?

    It would be really nice, if somebody has a hint for me.



  • Thanks for your reply.

    The content of unmounted drives is still showing up in my library.

    I want that the activ content, which is showing up in my library depends on the associated harddisks.

    For expample:

    I have 8 HDs. If i plug the 2nd harddisk to Kodi i want that Kodi just display the content from this 2nd harddisk in the library. Nothing more :)

    Any other solution?