First Use of USB SD Card Creator and Stuck at Git Go

  • Just downloaded the Creator and the first unknown for me is the "version." I'm a real newbee. What I'm ultimately trying to do is put LibreElec on a SD card to use with my Android TV Box. I'm hoping LibreElec will boot from the SD card when the box starts when the SD card is installed in the box. My Android TV Box is a Sunvell Q Box,

    Android 5.1, 2.4G/5G Amlogic S905 Quad Core . Am I sort of on the right track and what "version" should I plug into the Creator App. Thanks

  • Thanks you klojum, I think I'm slowly making progress in spite of my Polish heritage. I looked at the link you provided and downloaded LibreElec-S905.arm-8.08,0,2a.img.gz to my PC folder where I have USB SD Creator.

    On the creator tool, I left #1 "version" blank and under #2 I selected the gz file I had downloaded to my PC. The SD card was in my PC and showed up in #3. In #4, I selected "Write"

    When completed I put the SD card in my unpowered Ott Q, TV Box and then applied power. It booted directly to Kodi. But I smiled too soon.

    The remote did not function except the power button. I recall reading about a fix for that somewhere so I thought I was still on the right track. I started the box again and this time it did NOT boot to LE.

    I'll keep reading but ALL help appreciated. Thanks

  • You have 2 USB ports on that box, perhaps you can plug in a pc keyboard (or a USB mouse?) for the time being and control LibreELEC that way. Or use the Kore app on your Android smartphone. And there is also Yatse.

  • Klojum, I think the bigger problem is that it only booted to LE one time. I was hoping to keep the box's OS intact and just boot LE from a SD card. It did it once but....

  • Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. All seems to working now and I'm sure the issue was me and not your software. Things seem to be changing in the "Kodi World" so I should have plenty of time to become familiar with LE.