• This is my first post so if I have made a mistake in locating the post or if the question has been previously answered then I apologise.

    I have an Android 4.2 box ref. CS918 model no. AC 8350 with a Rockchip RK 3188 chipset, an ARM A9 Cortex CPU and a Mali 400 GPU.

    I would very much like to install LibreELEC's v 8.0.2 either over the Android OS or via an SD (or USB). Simple question, is this possible?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Not possible. There is activity within the team towards Rockchip support in Kodi Leia (which is months away) but this work is focussed on current generation SoC's like RK3328 that have reasonable (and still improving) mainline Linux kernel and driver support. The new generation devices have become cheap it makes no sense to spend time/effort on older chipsets requiring non-standard Android kernels that contain too much low quality code and bugs.

  • Thank you so much for your easy to understand reply (quite necessary!).

    I shall waste no more time on it.

    Thank you again.