Did someone managed to install libreelec on beelink mini mxiii ii ?

  • Hello everyone. Is there anyone here with beelink mini mxiii ii if so please let me know if you did manage to install Libreelec ? I have tried LibreELEC-S905.arm- , LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1l and LibreELEC-S905.arm- with this box and both device trees for gxl_p212_2g* . The box starts and after some time it freezes no respond nothing.. Is it possible all this problems to be because of fake chinese box ? after i have started playing with libreelec even though i havent installed it into nand (i have tried with usb and micro sd boot) i have noticed that the stock android has begun to freezes also :( . I have this box since 3-4 days. Also is there any requirements about the speed of the flash drive or sd card ???

    ps: beelink mini mxiii ii 2gm ram 32gb nand

  • I've been using Beelink Mini MXIII Ii for a while (a couple of months) and never had any problems with it. I used kszaq LibreELEC 7 in the past and switched to LibreELEC 8 since it was available. I used the device tree gxl_p212_2g (the box equipped with 2G RAM). temp_sensor_disabled build is not necessary at all. I used a 16GB mSD (class 10) and is still using it but 4GB size class 4 should still do the job, just more sluggish and not too many add-ons.