TP-Link Archer T4U (AC-1200) disconnects..

  • So i´ve finally upgraded from libreelec 7 to. 8.0.1 on my dedicated htpc yesterday. Wiped everything and did a fresh install.

    Everything working well so far except my Wireless Dongle (TP-Link Archer T4U AC1200 V1.0).

    It keeps disconnecting from my 5ghz network from time to time and won´t reconnect. If i try to reconnect manually in Kodi it just gives me an Input/Output Error.
    Only rebooting or replugging the Device helps until it disconnects again in like 10mins or so.

    Don´t know whats going on, performance was meh but worked on libreelec 7 for me.


    (Disconnecting the Device in the log is me unplugging it...)

    Any help would be gladly appreciated.

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