• Ok, I have LibreELEC running on my machine and it's runs smooth, many thanks to kszaq!


    First I was thinking it was because off LibreELEC that my picons where not appearing but now I changed, and run LE on my Raspberry pi 2 instead of OSMC and the picons do appear, on my amlogic machine they still don't appear?
    So it is an amlogic issue and not LE related.
    It is not that important to me but I'm curious what would be the reason off it.

    regards, Jefken

    Raspberry Pi2 LibreELEC Milhouse nightly builds

    Q-Box 2G/8G and Q-Box 2G/16G LibreELEC 8.2 kszaq 's
    NexBox A95x balbes150 Armbian_5.32_S9xxx_Debian_jessie_3.14.29_server_20170907 with tvheadend and OScam.
    Digibit R1 Sat>IP server. (80 cm. dish with disecq 4/2 (28.2E, 23.5E, 13.0E, 19.2E) and fixed 90 cm. dish at 30.0W)

    4 x TP-LINK TL-PA411