Help - Reverse SSL Proxy Configuration - Docker Letsencrypt - Nextcloud

  • I installed Nextcloud + MariaDB docker, configuration works very well.
    I also installed Letsencrypt Docker, which created the Certified Keys, can I not run the reverse SSL proxy connected to Nextcloud, if anyone has managed to configure it, can post configurations, or specify changes to be made in configuration files?.
    thank you. :)

  • It's great to hear that the 3 addons worked for you.

    It is possible to reverse proxy nextcloud with the letsencrypt addon. Several people have done it and shared their configs on the unraid forums. It is probably easier to use the subdomain method as in nextcloud.custom.url as opposed to custom.url/nextcloud

    If you have any issues, feel free to post in this thread: [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

  • Done, everything works perfectly, Nextcloud - Mariadb - Letsencryp with reverse SSL proxy - Portainer, great server. :D

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  • Hi temp25,

    so now your config works, can you explain ou share a link with the tuto you used.

    I'd like to create the same configuration.

    You speak about Portainer, so I assume you don't use libreelec let's encrypt, mariaDB and nexcloud docker addon.

    It is possible to use those userfriendly docker addons to do the same?


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  • Portainer vs docker addons would get you the same end result. However, portainer would require quite a bit of manual config, whereas docker addons do most of that automatically.

    My rule of thumb is, if there is a docker addon available, use that, if not, then you use portainer

  • ok, I try to use docker addon.

    I install mariaDB docker addon and nexcloud docker add on.

    when I configure nextcloud to use mariaDB, I use root as admin and no password.

    nexcloud works fine.

    My next step will be to use letsencrypt docker addon. But Nexcloud use 443 defaut port and letsencrypt/nginx use the same.

    I read tuto ( that explained to use port 444 for nextcloud and 443 for nginx. Then link nginx to forward 443 to 444, and change nexcloud domain. Can I do the same with docker addon? it is the limit of this basic addon?


  • Sure, if you go to the addon settings for nextcloud, you can change the https port to 444 or anything else there

  • Hi,

    Please can you post a tutorial or a link on how to get Letsencrypt working with NextClous https certificate?

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

  • Navigate to your letsencrypt addon config folder. Under nginx/proxy-confs you'll see two nextcloud confs, one for subdomain, and another for subfolder.

    Pick one, follow the instructions at the top of the file to make the necessary changes to your nextcloud config, and then rename that proxy conf file to remove sample at the end (so it becomes blah.conf).

    When you reboot, you should be able to access nextcloud through your domain and either subdomain and subfolder.

    The full instructions for reverse proxy are linked from the letsencrypt image description at GitHub - linuxserver/docker-letsencrypt

    Keep in mind that the libreelec docker addons by lsio already run in the same user defined bridge network so you don't have to change that.