Using Libre USB-SD creator - can't write to disk

  • I downloaded the Libreelec USB-SC creator on both my Mac and my PC. I can't get either of the computers to "write" to the disk.

    Box 1:
    Version: Raspberry pi 2 and 3, 125MB

    Box 2:
    Download or select local image file
    (I leave this blank)

    Box 3:
    /dev/disk4 [no name, 31.9 GV]

    Box 4:
    "Write" button is grayed out. How do I get this to write to my SD card? I have a 32GB micro SD card, and there is not a 'lock' button or switch.

    Very frustrated. Can't figure this out. Please help.

  • Box 2: Make your decision.

    If you don't have the RPi image file yet, then download it.
    Once it is downloaded, or local file is selected, the Write button will be enabled.