Odroid C2 - no response when screen dimms

  • Good morning. I just set up my Odroid C2, and it's running well. Control via the TV remote works via CEC so I'm happy with that, however...

    If I haven't used it for a while, then switch back to HDMI1, I see kodi on the display, with the screen dimmed. However both the TV and official Kodi remote don't work when trying to use the system.

    Anyway I can "wake it" up? At the moment I am pulling the power and well... it's not ideal.

    Thank you.

    Edit: This is the official build - mod can you move to general support?

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  • i had another lockup this morning. it happened about 1am from the look of the time on the display. anyone else have issues with the odroid c2 freezing?

    not sure how to track down the cause of this?

  • Might be the same issue on my rpi on krypton...if it is its something to do with cec not that your box is freezing but not communicating with cec commands from tv...try to install kore apk on android phone and it should wake it up...im still on jarvis cause of this