Wii remote in LibreELEC

  • I am currently using the LE 8.0.1

    Wii remotes don't seem to want to pair. They will work with Trust and Connect, but will not automatically do so.

    Every time I restart the system or change the batteries I need to go into the LibreELEC app and select Trust and Connect.

    Is there anyway to have LibreELEC automatically connect to the Wii remotes when they are detected?

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  • I tried connecting a Wii remote the same way I connected a Wii U Pro controller using the instructions I found here. If the Wii remote is powered off by holding the power button, it connects just fine when turning back on. It seems to work after rebooting, too. When I replace a battery, it takes a few attempts to reconnect. I'd suggest turning the controller off before replacing the batteries.