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    It's a startup timing/sequencing issue. The USB device hasn't initialised and loaded drivers before Kodi starts. Kodi evaluates the available audio devices once at startup and nothing is present; hence the device "disappears" and reverts to some other default. If the device has loaded drivers before Kodi is started the device is visible and can be selected.

    You can solve the problem by setting the badly named "wait for network" startup delay in LE settings. A small delay should give the drivers time to load before Kodi starts. Something like 5 seconds should do the trick if it's borderline.

    I'll try this, thank you.

    I'm using LibreELEC 8.0.2 on a Dell Optiplex 990. I have it plugged into my Onkyo receiver, but I have to use a VGA to HDMI converter since this PC is kind of old. The converter uses USB to send audio, and I have "USB Headphones" selected in Kodi. I turn off the PC when I go to sleep, since it's a bit loud. Every time I turn it on I just pray I'll hear the start up sound, because if not, I'm screwed. No amount of messing around in the Kodi settings or adjusting the hardware fixes the issue. I just turn it off and hope that the next time I want to watch something it works. One time it was working fine while playing an album, but once I paused it and tried to play an episode of a TV show, the audio stopped working again. The only other setting I changed from the default is the "Keep audio device alive" option being set to "Always".

    Can you try an external keyboard?

    I guess I should have worded that differently. I pressed every other function key but none of them did anything. The laptop keyboard works for sure, since I can hear a camera shutter sound when I press print screen and the UI sounds when I press the arrow keys. I also don't have an extra keyboard with shortcuts on the function keys, just old Dell keyboards.

    I tried connecting a Wii remote the same way I connected a Wii U Pro controller using the instructions I found here. If the Wii remote is powered off by holding the power button, it connects just fine when turning back on. It seems to work after rebooting, too. When I replace a battery, it takes a few attempts to reconnect. I'd suggest turning the controller off before replacing the batteries.

    F4 looks like I'd be the one to change displays, but it does nothing. I pressed every other key out of desperation, and none of them seemed to do anything. The laptop screen still sort of displays colors, so I can kind of get an idea when something is happening.

    The laptop I'm using has a totally broken screen. After the initial installation, Kodi defaults to displaying on the laptop's screen and not the TV it's plugged into. It's possible to switch the display from the terminal with SSH, but I can't actually enable SSH after a clean install. Is there any other way to either enable SSH, or switch the display?