[Bug Report, logs inside] Freezing video on last few seconds of playback.

  • Issue Description:

    Near the end of playback i.e. the last few seconds, the video freezes and only audio continues. Occasionally you may get a couple of frames play but it's freezing the video when it should not be. Playback on another device i.e. latest Kodi 17 on Windows 10 does not exihibit this issue.

    Platform: LibreELEC v8.0.1 MR
    Client: Odroid C2
    Display: Panasonic GT50 Plasma with HDMI-CEC / HDMI ARC
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V675 with 5.1 (HDMI)
    Refresh Rate Switching: On Start / Stop
    Passthrough: Enabled
    Kodi Log: Link
    Video of issue: LibreELEC Odroid C2 8.0.1 MR playback issue. - YouTube
    Sample: Dropbox - ForcedSubs_substrack_2.mkv
    XML of sample: