LE 8.0 Generic - Kernel Panic on boot up

  • Hi and hello everybody,

    my first post in this forum :D .

    I have a problem with a kernel panic at first boot up after my HTPC wasn't used at least an hour. The problem exists since LE 7.95.1. The earlier versions including 7.0.3 work perfectly.
    The kernel panic occurs directly after BIOS POST (see attached picture). After hard power off (4 sec. powerbutton) the pc starts up and everything is fine. Shutdown and reboot - fine. Wait some time and power on - kernel panic.

    I have a ZBOX nano ci520 with 4 GB RAM and a 30GB SSD. I use LE 8.0 from download area and also tried to built it myself - both versions show the same error.

    I hope somebody can help me.

    Best regards


  • I think I found the Problem. I changed boot mode in BIOS from UEFI to Legacy and the kernel panic is gone. Just wondering why 7.0 never made a problem and why "hard poweroff" and restart worked. Maybe some strange bios routines.