Picture flickering - PVR Channel list

  • Hey guys!

    I've just installed version 8.0.0 and I've seen a quite strange problem.
    Everything is working just fine. But, when turning on the PVR (TV HeadEnd) browsing through the channel list the picture is flickering in the lower part of the TV. Thought at first it was my HDMI cable that was on the last run (To be more exact I did change the HDMI-cable just to be sure).
    But, then I tried the same thing on eight different raspberry pi's and the exact same problem showed itself.

    When turning on fullscreen there's not flickering going on. Only when viewing the channel list.
    Everything is working fine running other addons.

    Also good to know.. when running 7.0.3 there's not problem like this.

    Someone else who've seen the problem?

    // T

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