LE8 Odroid C2 random freeze

  • I'm hoping I can save someone else the pain and trouble of tracking down why LE8 on an Odroid C2 seems to randomly freeze. Mine was doing so every few days for the past 3 months. When it froze, it would not respond to IR or keyboard and it could not be pinged on the network. Often times the screen was also blank. I had to pull the power and restart to recover and then it would work for several more days.

    I finally managed to track down what seemed to be causing the freeze when I rebooted one of my Fedora 20 machines and noticed that the C2 froze during that time (I started using nagios to monitor it). After doing a packet trace with wireshark, I noticed that some MDNS traffic happened right before my C2 would freeze. Any time DHCP renewed on that machine it would make several MDNS calls and then the C2 would go out to lunch. I managed to disable the avahi daemon on that machinem, reboot it and renew DHCP several times and the C2 hasn't had a freeze since. That machine has package avahi-0.6.31-21.fc20.x86_64 installed.

    The strange thing is that this issue doesn't effect the 2 RPi3 devices running LE8 that are also on my network AND there are other machines on the network running more recent versions of Fedora (23+) and avahi that also don't cause the problem.