Scishion V88 4K LibreElec

  • Well hello, I hope somebody can help me.
    I have a SCISHION V88 4K Android 5.1 TV Box RK3229 1G/8G with quad core ARM Cortex A7 processor @1.5 GHz
    It's the standard version (not the Pro!)

    The box is suffering some poor performance (IPTV often Buffering and sync problems with picture and sound). I both tried Kodi 16.1 and Kodi 17, but both versions have the same results.

    I would like to install an LibreElec or OpenElec version to a SD card or USB drive and boot from it, but I cannot find the right version for my type of TV Box. I tried some but I did not manage to boot from either SD or USB. The box does not start from removable drives and boots directly into Android.
    After a long search I found that there's a hidden button in the AV connector, but that didn't take me much further.

    Is there anyone with some knowledge with this kind of boxes? If yes, can you please push me in the right direction?
    In a few weeks the F1 season is starting and I would like to watch it on by TV Box :)

  • I have one of these and cannot do the same dont think LibreElec can run on Rockchip based MXQ's
    My Amlogic S805s are all good

  • That's a shame.
    These are dirt cheat at Gearbest, and to lose the bloatware and just have LibreELEC would be a dream come true!