Pi 3 Live HD TV

  • Hey All,

    So I have been using LibreELEC for a bit and I love it. I've recently decided to start using my HD Homerun Prime again. I'm using a Pi 3 as noted in the subject. When streaming SD channels it works fine using the Homerun Prime plugin. Loss of audio occasionally but its fixed by hitting the ok button for some reason. However when I try to stream HD channels the video goes extremely slow and the audio kind of hiccups. According to the info screen it looks like all the cores are almost at 100% usage. Do I need to overclock my Pi3? I did not purchase the mpeg license for the Pi 3 yet so I'm wondering if this is possibly needed to fix the issues that I am having. I have also tried using Emby and streaming the HD channels and the same thing occurs. SD works better where it doesn't ever seem to have an audio hiccup. It'll cache every few hours for a few seconds but that does not bother me. Its just the fact I can't get my HD channels to play. Any tips would be great!

  • Mine runs fine on Live HD tv , no issues at all

    One Rpi bone stock , One Rpi OC'd 1325 with USB3, last Pi OC,d at 1k no usb ( All Rpi 3 ) all Krypton Builds ( Millhouse )

  • I may reflash my SD card. I set it up and tried other tweaks like no cache and the like for something else and I think I may have broke something. It is currently running jarvis. I think I'll pull it out, flash to the latest and give it another go. Only thing is I like my current skin which isn't on Krypton yet. Will give it a shot.

  • Pastebin a debug log so we can see the format of the media coming in .. although it sounds like it's software decoding.