Random display of video playback progress

  • I am running LE v7.0.1 on RPi3.

    When playing any video, there will be random display of video playback progress at top of the screen.
    It appears as a overlay for a few seconds and turn off.

    Is there a way to disable this?

  • That appears when you press a number on the keyboard (it allows entering an explicit seek time).

    So something is sending button presses. What do you have connected to Pi? How are you controlling it?

  • DaVu ,
    I am running video add-on.
    Oddly, it didn't happen again, even I have waited about an hour.
    So I didn't manage to capture anything useful on the log file.
    Will try again tomorrow.

    popcornmix ,
    I didn't connect a keyboard to Pi.
    I am navigating Kodi with my TV remote via HDMI CEC
    Wish to add that I initially setup the system on RPi2.
    After which, I copied the image and ran it on RPi3.

    Not sure if this is the cause of the problem.

  • It happened while I was using Exodus, Phoenix and DramaGo.
    It appeared randomly and it didn't occur when I tried to log the system :(

  • Exodus and Phoenix both are banned add-ons. Read the link I sent above. I assume DramaGo will fall under the same thing. So there's nothing we are able to do for you. Contact the add-on author to fix the issue, if it comes up again or ask for support where you get those add-ons from.

    Those addons aren't supported in here, as you can see in the link above.