compile vboxdrv kernel module

  • hi guys,

    i want to run Virtualbox inside docker image, but that requires Virtualbox drivers on the host.
    can anyone help me to compile a libreelec build with vboxdrv module inside?

    to run images like this :

    i'm not a pro, but with a litte help i think it would be possible :)

    if there no way, a solution with kvm kernel modules would be also nice.


    • Official Post

    If you go back in git history for the Virtual project you will find packages for vbox. They were removed from Virtual a few months ago as vbox drivers are broken frequently (causing compile problems) and staff all use vmware so they weren't required. You will also see recent changes in master branch to add the vmware drivers into the Generic image (removing Virtual). If you combine the approach (putting stuff into Generic) but with vbox packages you will get your unreliable and frequently broken wish for vbox support. That's as far as Help on the topic will go though; IMHO if you want to run vbox in docker go use Ubuntu instead of LE and life will be a lot easier.