Plug and Play remotes

  • Afternoon guys.

    First post here. Successfully managed to install LibreELEC onto my s905x box last night. Installed it to nand and wow, that performance is unreal. Coming from a sluggish Fire TV stick, the difference is night and day.

    The only thing I do miss is a decent remote. The one bundled with the box is IR and needs to be pointed directly at the box for it to work - as my TV is on the wall and the box needs to live behind it, I need a decent remote that will work straight away without too much (preferably none) fiddling around.

    I'm looking for something minimal, although not adverse to a keyboard but I'm not particularly keen on the look of the Rii i8 for example. The i7 is a far better looking remote but can't find anything on here to suggest it would just work.

    Given my box also doesn't have bluetooth, would buying a bluetooth remote (fire one) and a bluetooth adapter for the box work or does it need to be RF?

    Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  • I use an Amazon Fire TV stick (Bluetooth) remote with my RPi3 which is pretty minimalist and works fine (you will need to add the context menu button via the Keymap editor addon however)

    But other than that, seeing as you'll need to add a dongle anyway (whether Bluetooth or IR), just get a MCE remote and it'll pretty much work out of the box.

    List of MCE remote controls - Official Kodi Wiki

  • Rii mini i7 does the work quite well...
    Not too many buttons, small and very handy.
    Mouse cursor (air mouse) can be turned on/off easily.
    I have on on my 'NUC' and one on each RPi...
    (Approx US$ 12-15 from China)