Play sound stutters and GUI may freeze on Wetek Play.

  • Installing first 7.95.2 and then upgradeing to 7.95.3 I experience problematic playback on both versions. I mainly play Matroska files, but this applies to all videoes being played. It is not an issue for music.

    The sound will start to stutter. It may continue for a long time or just a few seconds. I haven't experienced playback that hasn't been affected by this, but it isn't always to bothersome. Sometimes it is.

    My media are accessed over NFS. If I exit theplayback and return to the main menu, it will often freeze. ssh to the system will not be possibl, but every 20-30 seconds a keystrike may come through. This implies high CPU load. Sometimes CPU is indeed 98/99 on the cores, but never 100/100.

    Debug log attached.


    • debug.log.xz

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