USB Tuners compatible with Wetek Play 2

  • Hi,

    I wondered if anyone can help me find a usb compatible tuner for my Wetek Play 2.
    It only has one tuner and I cannot record and watch another channel which limits the use of this box for me.

    I currently have it setup with TVHeadedend backend running and then on my Nvidia Shield Pro I have Kodi installed which is running the front end. This works great and I have everything on one channel on my TV. Great setup however I cannot record and watch another channel and would need a second tuner. The Wetek Play 2 isn't going to get a dual tuner so I googled stuff and found that you can add a USB one but no where can I find a compatible one.

    I think the issue is with firmware of LibreElec and hardware? sorry if that sounds wrong, I am at a bit of a loss where to start. I have a quad LNB and from my dish it goes into the Wetek Play 2 and another into my TV (Other two go into my bedroom, dual tuner Humax box) so currently I switch over to the TV to watch another channel but this isn't really convenient.

    I wonder if a USB tuner added to the Wetek Play would work, or maybe get a disecq unit which takes more than one signal and I know the Wetek can use it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • I could well be wrong, but I believe that due to the proprietary nature of the wetek play 2 tv tuner, you're unable to use both it and a USB tuner on the same install.