After 7.95.3 Hyperion lights flicker

  • I use hyperion with 7.0.3 no problem. Today updated libreelec to 7.95.3 Hyperion works great effects and set colours not problem. But live tv or youtube playback leds is flickering. Anyone have this problem?

    My device is wetek play

  • I have a similar problem with my ambilight. I use Hyperion on my raspberry pi 3. Since the update to libreelec 8 not the light flickers but the video itself flickers if i have hyperion turned on. If i turn it of the flickering is gone. Maybe the problem is related to yours, sadly i couldn't find e solution yet.

  • Hi,

    Same issue here since LibreElec 7.95.3 ( Video flickers , not the led .. )
    Updated since yesterday to LibreElec 8.0 but not better.

    Do you find a solution ?


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  • Same problem for me since update to LE 8.0, some videos stutter/flicker when hyperion is enabled.

    Does anybody has a clue what it can be??