What version for minix neo 8x-h

  • Code
    M8 - Should work with M8(S)
    MXIII-1G - Should work with MXIII (1G)
    S82 - Should work with Beelink S82, Orbsmart S82, Tronsmart S89(-H), MXIII(2G)
    T8 - Should work with all T8 (2G) boxes

    Which of these versions do I have to download?
    I have a minix neo 8x-h with soc 802
    I have been searching the forum but I have not found the answer
    Thank you

  • I think Demetris is the only one working on S802 Chip
    I don't believe he has this box so it is trial and error on your behalf.
    You will be better off asking him.
    Sorry but that's all i can tell you. Link #1