Sx05RE v1.8.6 Emulationstation+Lakka+Kodi

  • I added a script to download drastic and install it as an option, I won't include the binary pre-installed as I need permission to do so, haven't asked, but for now it works fine with the games I tested.

    The Sx05RE and name changes I will explain:

    EmuELEC, this version won't include Kodi its a pure emulation build, that includes changes even on the kernel, and since I don't have much time and as I don't want to deal with Kodi problems (and since I don't use Kodi) I decided to strip it out and focus on what I want.

    I am working on porting some of the Retropie scripts that I might find useful for this, including but not limited to ES theme downloader, bluetooth configuration, scraping scripts, background music, etc, etc.

    EmuELEC (name still might change, suggestions?) This will be my main focus.

    But if you want Kodi you can use the Add-on version which is basically made just to run emulators, it is a basic version of EmuELEC it will not include retropie scripts (or not all of them) nor other changes I made to the kernel and stuff like that, but as always I will try to make it the best I can.

    Sx05RE that includes Kodi will be no more I just don't have time to maintain 2 or 3 different versions.

    and as this is no longer based on LE but it is on CE I invite you to continue the discussion on the CE forum at Sx05RE: Retro Emulation Kodi Addon for CoreELEC, released for testing - Emulation and Gaming - CoreELEC Forums