Kaby Lake NUC i3 Bluetooth not working (Intel 8265)

  • Hi,

    With the current libreelec build (7.95.2) bluetooth for the Intel 8265 card is not working. This currently affects my Kaby Lake i3 NUC.


    I looked into the /lib/firmware/intel folder and couldn't find the ibt-12-16.sfi or ibt-12-16.ddc firmware files that got into the linux kernel with commit 87941021a622c882b1921df85d6115940a4e568a. It seems that the Intel 8265 need those files to work.

    The libreelec package file seem to reference an archive that contains the two files (at least when I download it with this link), so I'm not really sure why they got not included in the build.