NUC7, libreELEC in a VM (ESXi): HowTo use h.265 GPU

  • Hi there!

    I’d like to buy a NUC7i7BNH and run ESXi with a couple VMs on it. One of the VMs should be an libreELEC.
    I’ve read this threats
    but I’m still confused:

    I’d like to use the benefit of the NUC 7 with his GPU/h.265 capabilities while libreELEC is running in a VM. As mentioned by lrusak, I have to use the generic built.
    What’s a/the generic built?
    Where can I get the generic built?
    Will my setup work? (NUC7, ESXi, …)


  • Just a quick hint to this. You must passthrough the gpu to the vm machine.Otherwise it will run with standard graphics driver from vmware. We have machines like that with a nvidia grid card in a exsi farm. But not with a soc. I would think that this constellation won't work.

    Somebody tried it with amd graphis cards! Multi-headed VMWare Gaming Setup

  • When you go to the libreelec website, under the download section, select the one named generic.

    Make sure your nuc has vt-d as it is required for gpu passthrough.

    I've been running LE in a VM with an nvidia gpu passed through in kvm/qemu (vmware should also work). I believe there is a way to passthrough the on-board intel gpu to a VM (there is in qemu, not sure about vmware), which means the host OS and other VMs would have to run headless (since you can't put in discrete gpus in a nuc?!?)

    I would really recommend that you build a custom pc where you can add additional gpus and put in a cheap nvidia like the GT710 for host and LE can use the onboard intel gpu since that one supports 10bit h265 via hardware in linux. The nuc is not really meant to be a server

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