[7.90 Alpha 10] CEC breaking in a seemingly random way

  • On 7.0.x CEC worked fine for me, but since i upgraded to 7.90 alpha 10, it will break whenever the screensaver kicks in (or the backlight dims due to prolonged inactivity). I can force this behaviour by switching video inputs on the TV.

    Behaviour is erratic - it just happened that CEC stopped working again, my TV switched off (as I configured Kodi to do when inactive for a while), and when it came back from standby, CEC worked again; then a few minutes later, the screen switched off again, I turn it on again, no response when I use the remote.

    My log (debugging enabled) can be found here.

    If there's anything I need to test, let me know.


    If you need anything else, let me know. I looked through the log myself but I don't see any messages relating to a CEC process crashing or anything...


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