Noob trying to build an image

  • Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help me with some detailed information or point me in the right direction to a tutorial.
    I own an old M8 variant which is actually a pretty decent box, its spec is
    Cortex A9 quad core @2gh
    2gb ram
    8gb storage
    Realtek RTL8188ETV WiFi
    I'm currently using the build provided by drieschel from here
    It works amazingly smooth and fast, i have a few little issues but the one I want to try sort first is the WiFi not working.
    This openelec build provided by ipodtouchdude here
    Openelec 5.95.3 Beta 2 ENY M8 2G (Square) With amcodec boblightd support -
    Was the last "elec" that the WiFi worked.
    I've duel booted my laptop with win 7 and Linux mint last night, I followed your wiki up to the point it said to add the libreelec.TV repo and instead I cloned drieschel's and then I cloned ipodtouchdude's. Looking about between the 2 (not that I know what I'm looking at or for) I come across a drivers folder and found the RTL8188E folder, in the libreelec from drieschel the folder contained a single file possibly named something like package.MX (sorry I'm not at my laptop to check), in the openelec one by ipodtouchdude it had the same file but also an addition folder called patchs that contained a file. This I assume is why my WiFi works with his build.
    My question is how do I add that patch folder to the libreelec build and is that the only thing I would need to do to get WiFi working? then if I managed to some how do it how do I go about turning it into a bootable SD card image?
    Any and all help and info is greatly appreciated
    Many thanks and all the best

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  • I've already read through that but it doesn't say how to add a WiFi driver, care to enlighten me a little more rather then just post to the wiki? As I put in the title I am a noob and I'm asking for detailed help on how to add a WiFi driver
    Many thanks and all the best
    Edited: I also think I may have got the terminology wrong with reference to the SD card image, what I actually want is to be able to put the recovery.img, factory_update_param and the on to an SD card then toothpick it to install to nand although this is not essential

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  • Hi lrusak, thank for your the pointer! Having had a look and a play I believe I'm at the point to make an image but I'm having a little trouble any advice?
    I run
    PROJECT=S802 ARCH=arm make image
    And receive the following
    ERROR: you need to specify a valid device for the S802 project
    It then goes on to list the devices, the one I want I believe is the M8
    So I tried PROJECT=M8 ARCH=arm to which I receive
    ERROE: project not found use a valid project.
    So then I tried PROJECT=S802 ARCH=M8 which returns an error like the first lol
    Could you possibly tell me the correct make image command I'm looking for please.
    I've tried various combos as you can see but I seem to be going round in circles
    Many thanks and all the best

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  • I think that's what I have done as I didn't clone the official libreelec repo I cloned drieschel's. I noticed on the wiki it didn't have anything for those devices but did see in drieschel there is a "projects" folder that contains a "S802" folder which is why I tried the above commands. Never mind though, thank you so much for taking the time to reply its very much appreciated

    All the best

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  • Hahaha I was just about to post I think I figured it out with PROJECT=S802 DEVICE=M8 ARCH=arm
    And is now installing addition dependencies.
    But thank you so much no1home very much appreciated!!
    Fingers crossed the WiFi works :)

    Many thanks and all the best


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