LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.009 ALPHA and Wetek Core

  • Hi, after installing new 009 alpha on Core i have some observations to share.
    1. Thanks for supporting my Sabre 9022 DAC in amplifier over USB asynchro. Now it started working. :)))
    2. Unfortunatelly there is sound (over USB), but with cracklings. So there is some to do. But its progress!. :)
    3. Movies started play do not smooth. In 008 movies were playing flawless.

    Another issue, i think its a Kodi Krypton, is changed player hud. During playing movie i pres OK button on remote of Core and there is no rewind, forward etc buttons (in all skins i tested). I need to start mouseair on remote to see these functions. Is it changed in Kodi?

    Press OK and hold.

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