CEC: can't power off TV/AVR while RPi5 remains on?

  • Hello all!

    I have recently upgraded all my RPi3 media players (running LE 9.2.8) to RPi5/LE 12.0.0 stable..

    My living room is very typical: Vizio M50-C1 (ARC HDMI) <-> Denon AVR-s720w <-> RPi5 (HDMI 0)

    What USED to happen was something like: It's late, I'm going to bed, use Vizio remote to power off TV, which powered off the Denon receiver and left the RPi3/LE 9.2.8 media player on.. This is perfect behavior for my use as the CEC driver let me use the TV remote to run things and left the RPi on all the time.

    But now, after the upgrade, the first thing that caught me by surprise was I couldn't reboot the PRi5 without powering down the chain of devices, which then brought the RPi5 up in headless mode because it couldn't see anything as it had just powered them all off.. I investigated the default CEC settings, adjusted a few and that problem no longer occurs... BUT.. (there's always a 'but', right?)

    Now, when I power off the TV and get up to go to bed, the TV/Receiver is coming back on again after about 15 seconds. I cannot for the life of me see a CEC setting that might cause this behavior.. I can manually use the RPi5 power button to power it down, then power off the TV/receiver, but then when I want to power up I have to physically reach out (or get up and walk over to, which is a challenge as I'm crippled) and physically power on the RPi5.

    I have confirmed that the CEC driver is at the root - if I disable it, I can power off the TV/Receiver and the RPi5 stays on, which is my desired state. But I'd really like to be able to use the TV remote to drive everything as it's a pretty nice remote. (backside keyboard/back lighting and the like)..

    Can someone suggest a CEC setting that might be behind this behavior that I can adjust to be able to power off the TV/Receiver without the PRi5/CEC detecting this and powering it all back on again without any input from me?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts - this forum has been incredibly useful (I did a search on this, by the way!) and always seems so responsive..


    OH, I'm sorry - the current CEC setting might be useful, right?

    Current settings:

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  • YES!! Thank you so much, Popcornmix - the thread referenced and the cure quoted is indeed the fix for my problem!

    I can now confirm I can power off my TV/Receiver without, leaving the RPi5 media player on and it does NOT force a power back on..

    My home automation "scenes" that turn the TV off are working again.

    Thank you so much - I'm embarrassed my search of the thread base didn't turn that up - apparently my search-foo is quite weak!