S905W2 device-trees

  • hi,

    i have a Amlogic S905W2 with 1GB RAM.
    There is no DTB available but i want some help for the edition of the "s4_s905w2_2g.dtb" already existing.

    there are two thing i can see that chance fron the DTB of 2 GB compared to the DTB of 4GB.
    *ROW #3 from Fs4_s905w2_2g to Fs4_s905w2_1g
    *ROW #185 making a FIND with the word “reserved-memory”, from there counting 12 spaces from the back, is the value of the RAM, right now has x80, i guess the right value is x40.

    I don’t have the knowledge to change it, so can someone help me please?

  • There is no DTB available

    That's because S905W2 chips are based on a newer Amlogic hardware generation (S4) that is not supported in the upstream Linux kernel that LE uses. Amlogic engineers started to submit support for S4 devices, but they have low experience with kernel standards so each subsystem they submit is initially full of low quality code and takes a large number of rework/resubmit iterations before it comes up to scratch and can be merged. Progress is .. slow.

    CE have images that should work on the board (AFAIK) but for help with that you need to post in their forum.