No gateway set when kernel IP configuration is used (DHCP/PXE)

  • Hi all,

    I'm net booting a La Frite board and found that I don't have a default route set. The kernel receives it OK:

    Feb 27 18:26:06 living.redacted kernel: Sending DHCP requests ., OK
    Feb 27 18:26:06 living.redacted kernel: IP-Config: Got DHCP answer from, my address is
    Feb 27 18:26:06 living.redacted kernel: IP-Config: Complete:
    Feb 27 18:26:06 living.redacted kernel:      device=eth0, hwaddr=18:66:c7:3e:fe:bf, ipaddr=, mask=, gw=

    But route only shows the local

    I was also surprised to be unable to find the network settings, and came across this:

    So that makes sense. However, it seems like something has gone missing in the process. I guess the kernel isn't configuring the gateway (because it doesn't need it?)?

    The DHCP server is dnsmasq and it's serving a fixed IP to that MAC address and I'm running the "Current Latest Stable Version (2024.05)" / 12.0.0.

    For now I've solved it with a systemd oneshot service but that seems like an ugly hack. Any ideas where else to look?


  • May not help, but default route is still active on Generic (X86).

    On such a Generic system I would first check with break=prepare_sysroot kernel parameter if the config is correct in init. But this may require some debug shell serial line setup with your board.

    Then with route >~/autostart.route in if it is still there before starting kodi.