[GenericLegacy] Chrome - No more HW acceleration with Nuc since LE12

  • I just updated to Le12 and i noticed that chrome doesnt have any he acceleration anymore. Intel is set in the addon settings.

    This was working before the update, never heard the fan when watching youtube before now its on full speed.

    Are there any logs to diagose this further?

    chrome://gpu is showing doftware for everything

  • I attached the chrome service.log.
    The line "equested GL implementation (gl=none,angle=none) not found in allowed implementations" makes me think that chrome doesnt like my video driver for some reason?

    I tried messing around with different xorg.conf settings but i can't seem to make a difference.
    I also edited the Addon startup script to try differenct chrome startup pamaters from random forum threads but nothing fixes my issue.

    Kodi can play 4k content no worries so thats definitely working fine, its just chrome thats not working for some reason.
    I looked trough all the forum posts i could find and all the logs i could get my hands on but now i'm stuck.

    Help would be very much appreciated :)