LibreELEC addon-repo wrong version

  • I switched from a nightly to the newest beta but first made a backup and saved it. After flashing the new beta on my SD, I put the backup on it and then restored from backup.

    Now, it appears my libreELEC addon repo version is mismatched. beta is 11.95.2, but my addon-repo is 11.80.6. I'm assuming this is why I'm unable to install any add-ons.

    is there some way for me to manually add the correct repo?

  • ut my addon-repo is 11.80.6.

    thats correct, the addon repo mismatches the beta version (its not a functional problem)

    12.0.0 fixes that, otherwise it should perfect

    try to delete the content of that folder /storage/.kodi/addons/packages, that is the addon cache, maybe that fixes anything